Why The Big Coal Company Is Afraid Of Coal Country Movie?

Why The Big Coal Company Is Afraid Of Coal Country MoviePrior to its premier show in theatres, Coal Country movie has a lot of troubles dealing with complaints from the coal company and the mine workers. Besides the sensitive topic it tries to rise to the surface, there are more reasons for the company to worry about. Otherwise, they shouldn’t be too worked up, right?

– The Change of Rule
For a company that has run for years, there is nothing more terrifying than the change of rule. The Coal Country might trigger several socialist communities to do petition against the MTR or the company itself. Then, the petition will be used to ask the government to review any constitution related to mining.
In the last years, the mining company could run smoothly thanks to the 2001 constitution from United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It allows the agen bola company to throw the waste to the nearby alley. In addition, there are some insiders that help the company since President Bushs era. Now that Obama is on the reign, the policy might shift.

Why The Big Coal Company Is Afraid Of Coal Country Movie

– The Workers Demonstration
Even before the movie Coal Country filmed, there are constant worker demonstrations. Most of them critique the company of being ôinconsiderateö about their standard living. Many families have got the side effects of MRT including breathing problem, cancer, digestion problem, etc. The biggest clash happens recently during the America freedom celebration.
With this condition, the company doesn’t want another demonstration that might be bigger and more violent than before. How is it possible? When the communities from the other regions join the forces, what comes as peace discussion could turn into a nightmare. Even some local theatres in West Virginia cancel the movie premier to prevent this kind of outcome.

– The End of the Business
In the end, the company has the risk of being closed after the movie release. The effect might not happen immediately, but the possibility is there. Even though there is equal point of view presented in the movie, it cannot guarantee that the public will accept the situation. Particularly, when there is no further discussion between the related parties.

Even though the Coal Country movie could provide the balance of the workers and the company, it is still nerve-wracking to let the world sees what really happen in the field. Some changes might happen and they could affect the business. Those who take side with the workers might also do something to stand against the company.


Looking Closely At MTR Process in Coal Country Movie
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Looking Closely At MTR Process in Coal Country Movie

The winning documentary Coal Country movie has one term that is often mentioned during the film. It is the mountain top removal or MTR. If it is only one of the coal mining method, why many people are fussing about it? Public should learn more about the process before judging that MTR is merely one of the mining method.

– Clearing
The first step of MTR method is cleaning the vegetation on the top. Yes, there will be a lot of wood cutting. Another closest result is the lost of home for the birds and some other mountain animals. The woods then will be burned to ash, as it has no value in coal market.
Now that the top is cleared, the next process is setting up the explosives. It is not one, but hundreds of explosives. Each of them will be lighted on different spots. The blasting area is normally 600 feet at the minimum. This is the depth where coal exists and ready to harvest.

– Digging
It takes a while before the workers could start digging the coal. The company should use the heavy machine to clean the rock and earth pieces after the explosion. The machine itself is as tall as 22 stories building in the city. Even though the price is around 100 million, the company is still buying it.

– Dumping Waste
The next question is where does all the waste go? The overburden or spill, which contains a lot of toxic and polluted substances, is casually going to the valley. It has been that way since 2002, when President Bush legalize such act.

Looking Closely At MTR Process in Coal Country Movie– Processing
The raw coal material needs longer process before it could be sent to the power plant. In the factory, the coal dust will be mixed with some other mineral and toxic materials such as arsenic, mercury, lead and chromium. The product is called coal slurry, which later will be the coal block.

– Reclamation
The last process includes the tree planting program and recovery for the destructed area. However, in reality the dry and flattened land is often used as the location of new project. It will take hundred years of reclamation if the coal company diligently does the reclamation project in the mountain area.

Now that the process of MTR has been revealed, it is clear how dangerous this method is. The forest should be shaved to make a way for the heavy equipments and exploded to open up the mountain top. Despite of the effectiveness, the poker online company should also consider about the destructed habitat. Coal Country movie seems to contribute positively in the end.

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Some Movies with Theme of Mining

Some Movies with Theme of MiningThere are many kinds of theme for movies. For years, movies come with various themes, but there are also some movies with the same themes. One of them is about the mining. Movies about mining can be one of the interesting movies to watch. These movies provide great story line, but it also brings other kinds of message, such as about the environment. Most of the movies with the mining as theme provides same goals to show. One of them is Coal Country. This movie is released in 2009. This movie shows the bad stories behind the coal mining, specifically about the use of MTR or Mountain Top Removal. This method is about devastating the surface of the mountain so company can get higher level of production. However, the movie shows that this brings bad impacts on environment. Threat of health is real coming from the MTR and it is what the movie try to portray.

Then, there is also North Country. This is also about stories behind the mining activities. This film is released in 2005 and this is about the iron mining. When the Coal Country shows the environmental threats coming from the use of MTR, this movie is different. This movie provides story about the lives of miners in the iron mining. Specifically, it is about the bad experiences happened on woman miners. In this film, it is showed that the women got sexual harassment. They became such a sex slave for the men miners. There are some people tried to reveal this fact to the company, but the company only washed their hand and they did nothing. In this movie, there is Josey who becomes the main character and this character try hard to make the condition much better. By using law force, then in the end the company want to pay for the compensation of suffering and there is policy to protect the woman miners from the sexual harassment.

Then, the other movie is Matewan. This movie is released on 1987 and this brings the same context as the Coal Country. This movie talks about the life of miners in the coal company. Although it is also about the agen sbobet company, the story portrays different points of views. This does not talk about the environmental threats, but it is more about the life of the miners, specifically about salary that they get. In this story, it tells about the company that make new policies to cut their salary. This later leads to the strike of miners. This is actually based on true story happened in 1920, located in Matewan, West Virginia.

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Things to Get from the Coal Country

Things to Get from the Coal CountryCoal is important mining for most of the countries. Coal is still used as the source of power, and most of the countries still use coals for the power plant. In this case, there are big demands for the coals and that is why there are still many coal mining up to now. About the life around the coal mining, actually it is not as good as the life around other kinds of industry. There are threats for health issues and other kinds of problems. Those are things that is tried to deliver by the Coal Country. This is a movie released on 2009. This movie gets big attention since this portray the life around the mining site in modern era. This movie wants to deliver important message about the impact of the coal mining for the people around the mining sites.

The movie focuses on the aspect of MTR as the method used in mining the coals. This method is called as the effective agen bola terpercaya method since it can raise the production process and mining can produce more coals compared to the other mining method. The method is to devastate the ground, so miners and the mining devices can easily take the coals. This may be effective, but the movie also shows the side effect of this method. The good point only comes for the company of the mining, but the workers or miners and people around the mining sites get the bad impacts. Because of the use of MTR, the air around the mining sites are polluted. The black dusts are blocking the fresh air and this create such serious problems. Moreover, the water is also polluted. This condition creates such a health threats for the people. These facts are what the movie try to say. The movie tries to make people aware of the risks coming from the coal mining.

This movie try to say that that MTR is bad method and even all kinds of methods in coal mining will always bring such kinds of impact for the society. The big profits are only for the company and people in high positions, but miners and their families living around the mining sites will only get threats and problems. However, this kind of fact does not make the miners able to move freely since they also depend on the mining site to make their family able to survive. Surely, this movie portrays the two edge of swords coming from the coal mining.

The Message of Coal Country Movie
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The Message of Coal Country Movie

Unlike the fantasy or science fiction movie, documentary film is the real portrait of the message itself. There is less symbols and puzzles to solve and guess. Instead of being blown away with the visual effects, the audience is expected to think of the possible solutions, like in Coal Country movie.

– Environmental Awareness
In ôCoal Countryö, the main problem is running around the mountain top removal. It is one of the method used to mine the coal. The process of MTR is very destructive for the nature. In the end, the area will turn into dry land. Why is it so? It is because the digging process starts from the top of mountain. It will automatically kills all the ecosystem on the mountain. In addition, the MTR method includes the use of heavy truck to bring the coal from the top. Imagine how wide the land that should be cleared and trimmed for this purpose. The noise pollution from the process and the running machine will surely scare the nearby natural habitat.

– Health Concern
Another problem the film producers want to highlight is the health problem caused by the MTR method. In mining process, there are a lot of toxic residual wastes. If these waste are cleaned first before thrown to the next valley, there will be no serious problem. Unfortunately, the toxic waste goes directly to the soil and water stream. Some environment activists are testing the water near the mining area. The result is as expected. The water has higher mineral level. One particular substance is called selenium, which could poison both animal and humans.

– Workers Right
Based on the mining factory contract with the workers, there is no unbroken law. The company pays the salary as mentioned in the judi online agreement every month. If they have extra work, their payment will be added. Then what about the others right? Considering that the mining workers never leave too far from the factory, has MTR provided the decent environment to live at? MTR method surely brings many kinds of pollution to the region; water, noise, land and air. The area, that once was a perfect residence for the worker, turns into an unhealthy spots.

The beauty of a movie is how the writers and producers wrap certain messages in it. After leaving the theatre or turning off the television, the audiences will have something to contemplate. It might go deep into their heart, realizing that their daily small actions are somehow related to the problems as portrayed in this Coal Country movie.

A Short Summary on Coal Country Movie
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A Short Summary on Coal Country Movie

Movie lovers have split opinion about documentary movie. Some says it is too boring and hard to digest. The other half, however, loves how documentary film puts all the topics in the most realistic form. Then what about the Coal Country movie?

The Producer and Casts

When discussing about the movie, the first topic that comes up is usually about the producer and the casts of the film. Believe it or not, these two factors will give the audience a glimpse of the movie. The Coal Country has one of the best hand in documentary film making:

– Phylis Geller
In order to write the smart and high class script, she collaborates with Mari-Lynn C. Evans. She is the environmental activists who have worked with Geller before in the TV series named ôAppalachiaö. As for the casts, they are the local artists who play as themselves. Some of them are Kathy Selvage, Randy Maggard, Judy Bonds, Chuck Nelson, Elisa Young, and Joe Lovett.

– The Synopsis
The story revolves around the concern of coal mining in Appalachia mountain, West Virginia region. This is one of the coal supplier for many cities in the States. Instead of digging for coal, the judi bola company applies a method called mountain top removal or MTR. The procedure could be done within hours and the cost is far less than the traditional course.
While mining has become the main job for the local people, another problem arises. The environmental change and pollution caused by the explosion and waste removal to the river is quite serious. It starts to affect the workersÆ and localsÆ health. Some men then step up to make a change by filing a complaint to the company. Who knows that this problem will be very difficult to solve?

– The Awards
Despite of being the last documentary movie, Geller could lift her head up with ôCoal Countryö. It got two awards in West Virginia Filmmakers Festival 2009. For a movie nudging on sensitive topic, these awards are splendid achievements. The first one is the best film and another one is best feature documentary.

Among all movie genres, the documentary type is the one with less popularity. The reason is simple: it covers something that the general market might not like. Generally it hits very specific target. In addition, documentary movie usually have certain message in it. The Coal Country movie could somehow balance these two factors and rises up as one of the most appealing movie in the year.

Two Point Of Views In Coal Country Movie
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Two Point Of Views In Coal Country Movie

One of the fundamental reasons of a successful documentary movie is the equal balance. Since this type of movie is made based on special interests, then the chance to present accusation is quite high. Through Coal Country movie, Phylis Geller and the production crews could deliver the perfect balance of the economic and environmental points.

– Mining Factory Point of View
The mining factory, especially the coal mining, is like a two-edged swords. It is one of the main natural resources used to run the power plants. Shutting down the coal mining will automatically shuts the power plants also, reducing the electric supply to the nearby cities. This is surely the last scenario option.

In the other side, mining factory has production target to meet and limited production cost. Thus, the engineer and project manager are trying to find a way out. In Appalachia mountain case, the factory decided to use mountain top removal (MTR) method. Basically, the factory will tear open a mountain to dig for the coal. As expected, it includes blasting as well.

Aside from its lower production cost compared to the traditional process, the MTR allows the workers to dig more coals, as the mountain is torn from the surface. As the result, the coal production will rise, too. The company could meet the market demand within the deadline.

– Locals Point of View
There is no way the explanation of the mining factory will be rejected by most businessmen. However, the locals have some other things to say. It would be impolite to say that the mining factory brings no benefit to the locals. In fact, being a coal miner is the main profession in the region. Thus, closing the factory will indirectly kill the families whose lives depend on coals.

However, some people think that the presence of mining factory is schemed. West Virginia is one of the poorest region in the United States, especially the southern part. Is it really a coincidence that a mining factory is opened for years there? The workers literally has nowhere to go should the company shuts down, forcing them to stay as they are.

The problem is the worker cannot get proper life. Even though they get monthly salary, the surrounding environment is heavily polluted. The factory waste is freely dumped to the river and the air is stained with factory smoke. Sooner or later, they will also have no green land, as the mountain is split and torn apart.

The classic Coal Country movie is presented in a different way. Geller, the movie producer, allows both sides to deliver their concerns in a polite manner. Instead of pointing to the justified side, this great film shows the audience the complexity of the conditions.