Movie lovers have split opinion about documentary movie. Some says it is too boring and hard to digest. The other half, however, loves how documentary film puts all the topics in the most realistic form. Then what about the Coal Country movie?

The Producer and Casts

When discussing about the movie, the first topic that comes up is usually about the producer and the casts of the film. Believe it or not, these two factors will give the audience a glimpse of the movie. The Coal Country has one of the best hand in documentary film making:

– Phylis Geller
In order to write the smart and high class script, she collaborates with Mari-Lynn C. Evans. She is the environmental activists who have worked with Geller before in the TV series named ôAppalachiaö. As for the casts, they are the local artists who play as themselves. Some of them are Kathy Selvage, Randy Maggard, Judy Bonds, Chuck Nelson, Elisa Young, and Joe Lovett.

– The Synopsis
The story revolves around the concern of coal mining in Appalachia mountain, West Virginia region. This is one of the coal supplier for many cities in the States. Instead of digging for coal, the judi bola company applies a method called mountain top removal or MTR. The procedure could be done within hours and the cost is far less than the traditional course.
While mining has become the main job for the local people, another problem arises. The environmental change and pollution caused by the explosion and waste removal to the river is quite serious. It starts to affect the workersÆ and localsÆ health. Some men then step up to make a change by filing a complaint to the company. Who knows that this problem will be very difficult to solve?

– The Awards
Despite of being the last documentary movie, Geller could lift her head up with ôCoal Countryö. It got two awards in West Virginia Filmmakers Festival 2009. For a movie nudging on sensitive topic, these awards are splendid achievements. The first one is the best film and another one is best feature documentary.

Among all movie genres, the documentary type is the one with less popularity. The reason is simple: it covers something that the general market might not like. Generally it hits very specific target. In addition, documentary movie usually have certain message in it. The Coal Country movie could somehow balance these two factors and rises up as one of the most appealing movie in the year.

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