Jason and the Scorchers

Jason and the Scorchers formed in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1981, and were among the first alt-country bands. According to their Web site, founder Jason Ringenberg was "raised on a hog farm in Northern Illinois." After college, he moved to Nashville to form a rock band with bass player Jack Emerson. The original band name was Jason and the Nashville Scorchers.

The band independently released their first two recordings in 1982 and '83, respectively, on Emerson's own Praxis Records. They soon signed a deal with EMI Records, who re-released their first full-length Fervor with an additional track.

In 1989, they released a more rock-infused album called Thunder and Fire, which was even further from their alt-country beginnings. Around this time, Baggs was diagnosed with Diabetes and Hodges decided to leave the band, as well.

The band scattered as its members moved to different cities and Ringenberg tried releasing a solo album. Then, in 1993, the band reunited for a tour. After signing a contract with Mammoth Records, Jason and the Scorchers released A Blazing Grace in 1995, which was well-received across the board.

Two years later, Johnson left the band for good and was replaced by Kenny Ames. When, in 1999, Mammoth sold to Disney, the band fizzled again, although Ringenberg has released his solo work independently, releasing children's music under the moniker Farmer Jason.


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