The winning documentary Coal Country movie has one term that is often mentioned during the film. It is the mountain top removal or MTR. If it is only one of the coal mining method, why many people are fussing about it? Public should learn more about the process before judging that MTR is merely one of the mining method.

– Clearing
The first step of MTR method is cleaning the vegetation on the top. Yes, there will be a lot of wood cutting. Another closest result is the lost of home for the birds and some other mountain animals. The woods then will be burned to ash, as it has no value in coal market.
Now that the top is cleared, the next process is setting up the explosives. It is not one, but hundreds of explosives. Each of them will be lighted on different spots. The blasting area is normally 600 feet at the minimum. This is the depth where coal exists and ready to harvest.

– Digging
It takes a while before the workers could start digging the coal. The company should use the heavy machine to clean the rock and earth pieces after the explosion. The machine itself is as tall as 22 stories building in the city. Even though the price is around 100 million, the company is still buying it.

– Dumping Waste
The next question is where does all the waste go? The overburden or spill, which contains a lot of toxic and polluted substances, is casually going to the valley. It has been that way since 2002, when President Bush legalize such act.

Looking Closely At MTR Process in Coal Country Movie– Processing
The raw coal material needs longer process before it could be sent to the power plant. In the factory, the coal dust will be mixed with some other mineral and toxic materials such as arsenic, mercury, lead and chromium. The product is called coal slurry, which later will be the coal block.

– Reclamation
The last process includes the tree planting program and recovery for the destructed area. However, in reality the dry and flattened land is often used as the location of new project. It will take hundred years of reclamation if the coal company diligently does the reclamation project in the mountain area.

Now that the process of MTR has been revealed, it is clear how dangerous this method is. The forest should be shaved to make a way for the heavy equipments and exploded to open up the mountain top. Despite of the effectiveness, the poker online company should also consider about the destructed habitat. Coal Country movie seems to contribute positively in the end.

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