Some Movies with Theme of MiningThere are many kinds of theme for movies. For years, movies come with various themes, but there are also some movies with the same themes. One of them is about the mining. Movies about mining can be one of the interesting movies to watch. These movies provide great story line, but it also brings other kinds of message, such as about the environment. Most of the movies with the mining as theme provides same goals to show. One of them is Coal Country. This movie is released in 2009. This movie shows the bad stories behind the coal mining, specifically about the use of MTR or Mountain Top Removal. This method is about devastating the surface of the mountain so company can get higher level of production. However, the movie shows that this brings bad impacts on environment. Threat of health is real coming from the MTR and it is what the movie try to portray.

Then, there is also North Country. This is also about stories behind the mining activities. This film is released in 2005 and this is about the iron mining. When the Coal Country shows the environmental threats coming from the use of MTR, this movie is different. This movie provides story about the lives of miners in the iron mining. Specifically, it is about the bad experiences happened on woman miners. In this film, it is showed that the women got sexual harassment. They became such a sex slave for the men miners. There are some people tried to reveal this fact to the company, but the company only washed their hand and they did nothing. In this movie, there is Josey who becomes the main character and this character try hard to make the condition much better. By using law force, then in the end the company want to pay for the compensation of suffering and there is policy to protect the woman miners from the sexual harassment.

Then, the other movie is Matewan. This movie is released on 1987 and this brings the same context as the Coal Country. This movie talks about the life of miners in the coal company. Although it is also about the agen sbobet company, the story portrays different points of views. This does not talk about the environmental threats, but it is more about the life of the miners, specifically about salary that they get. In this story, it tells about the company that make new policies to cut their salary. This later leads to the strike of miners. This is actually based on true story happened in 1920, located in Matewan, West Virginia.

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