Unlike the fantasy or science fiction movie, documentary film is the real portrait of the message itself. There is less symbols and puzzles to solve and guess. Instead of being blown away with the visual effects, the audience is expected to think of the possible solutions, like in Coal Country movie.

– Environmental Awareness
In ƓCoal Countryƶ, the main problem is running around the mountain top removal. It is one of the method used to mine the coal. The process of MTR is very destructive for the nature. In the end, the area will turn into dry land. Why is it so? It is because the digging process starts from the top of mountain. It will automatically kills all the ecosystem on the mountain. In addition, the MTR method includes the use of heavy truck to bring the coal from the top. Imagine how wide the land that should be cleared and trimmed for this purpose. The noise pollution from the process and the running machine will surely scare the nearby natural habitat.

– Health Concern
Another problem the film producers want to highlight is the health problem caused by the MTR method. In mining process, there are a lot of toxic residual wastes. If these waste are cleaned first before thrown to the next valley, there will be no serious problem. Unfortunately, the toxic waste goes directly to the soil and water stream. Some environment activists are testing the water near the mining area. The result is as expected. The water has higher mineral level. One particular substance is called selenium, which could poison both animal and humans.

– Workers Right
Based on the mining factory contract with the workers, there is no unbroken law. The company pays the salary as mentioned in the judi online agreement every month. If they have extra work, their payment will be added. Then what about the others right? Considering that the mining workers never leave too far from the factory, has MTR provided the decent environment to live at? MTR method surely brings many kinds of pollution to the region; water, noise, land and air. The area, that once was a perfect residence for the worker, turns into an unhealthy spots.

The beauty of a movie is how the writers and producers wrap certain messages in it. After leaving the theatre or turning off the television, the audiences will have something to contemplate. It might go deep into their heart, realizing that their daily small actions are somehow related to the problems as portrayed in this Coal Country movie.

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