Things to Get from the Coal CountryCoal is important mining for most of the countries. Coal is still used as the source of power, and most of the countries still use coals for the power plant. In this case, there are big demands for the coals and that is why there are still many coal mining up to now. About the life around the coal mining, actually it is not as good as the life around other kinds of industry. There are threats for health issues and other kinds of problems. Those are things that is tried to deliver by the Coal Country. This is a movie released on 2009. This movie gets big attention since this portray the life around the mining site in modern era. This movie wants to deliver important message about the impact of the coal mining for the people around the mining sites.

The movie focuses on the aspect of MTR as the method used in mining the coals. This method is called as the effective agen bola terpercaya method since it can raise the production process and mining can produce more coals compared to the other mining method. The method is to devastate the ground, so miners and the mining devices can easily take the coals. This may be effective, but the movie also shows the side effect of this method. The good point only comes for the company of the mining, but the workers or miners and people around the mining sites get the bad impacts. Because of the use of MTR, the air around the mining sites are polluted. The black dusts are blocking the fresh air and this create such serious problems. Moreover, the water is also polluted. This condition creates such a health threats for the people. These facts are what the movie try to say. The movie tries to make people aware of the risks coming from the coal mining.

This movie try to say that that MTR is bad method and even all kinds of methods in coal mining will always bring such kinds of impact for the society. The big profits are only for the company and people in high positions, but miners and their families living around the mining sites will only get threats and problems. However, this kind of fact does not make the miners able to move freely since they also depend on the mining site to make their family able to survive. Surely, this movie portrays the two edge of swords coming from the coal mining.

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